About Us

Mauro Guerresco was the first Concept Store inaugurated in the luxurious resort town of Cortina d'Ampezzo in 2008.

Twenty-five years of experience gained in the sector of prestigious footwear and clothing in his family's stores coupled with his many trips abroad, proved valuable in helping him to focus his vision in creating what was to become an entirely new Concept Store. Together with the assistance of his multi-talented wife, Marianna he was able to open three new and exclusive sales points of distinction in Cortina.

Their initial aim from the very beginning was to underline the importance of artisanal research and originality which distinguishes all of the products they offer. This ideal represented much more of a challenge to them as opposed to just merely concentrating their efforts on name brands. This noble search has succeeded in taking them a step further by enabling them to diversify their offerings to include furniture and objects of interior design which round out and define the total lifestyle concept of quality that the Guerresco's have created.

The distinctive ambiance and personality of their stores are original and refined in style. They are updated constantly to be well ahead of all that is new. Unusual pieces and products of curiosity coming from international markets which inspire and spark the Guerresco's interest, allow them to propose the most innovative of ideas before they become actual trends. The Guerresco's welcome is a warm one and they guide their clients with expertise and grace as they enjoy their moments of shopping in an atmosphere which is unique yet remains true to their personal philosophy based on the greatest respect for an optimum ratio of price and quality.

Among their many fortes, the Guerresco's excel in satisfying the most demanding of requests that their clients may have, be it for a particular article of clothing or personalized furnishings. They take special pride in their close collaboration with artistic artisans working in their laboratories and in the finest international antique and brocante markets allowing them to maintain a hot line for their many precious finds.

The response on behalf of the public and their clients has been extremely gratifying and has served to stimulate them further to develop and elaborate more creative projects as they continue on their new ventures.